What services does Haslet Pharmacy offer?

Haslet Pharmacy offers Compounding services, Prescription services and Durable Medical Equipment.

Haslet Pharmacy offers prescriptions services, compounding of medications, Durable Medical Equipments and over the counter medications. Haslet Pharmacy also provide free delivery of prescription medications upon request and mailing of prescriptions medication orders.

Where can I find Haslet Pharmacy?

Visit us at

1205 Avondale Haslet Road, Suite 200, Haslet, Texas 76052
Do you have pharmacists who can prepare compounded medication?

Yes. Our pharmacists are well-versed with non-sterile compounding.

Can you refill my prescription medication?

Yes! You can call us, you can drop by our pharmacy. You can also send an online request.

How do I enroll as a new pharmacy customer?

You can use our online form. Pharmacy customers registered at Haslet Pharmacy will get access to a lot of perks and discounts!