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Haslet Pharmacy is your neighborhood pharmacy in Haslet, Texas that offers quality products and excellent customer care. Whether you need to manage your health condition, quickly recover from an illness, or just want to achieve a healthy lifestyle, we got you. Our wide selection of healthcare products, prescriptions, and friendly pharmacists give you the most memorable healthcare shopping experience from our drugstore.

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Services We offer

Haslet Pharmacy’s team members proactively work with patients and their healthcare providers to provide the best possible care at the lowest cost.

Our experienced pharmacist counsel our patients for modification of current lifestyle and recommendations for vitamins and dietary supplements to achieve optimum health outcome and reducing medication dependency.

The following services are available at Haslet Pharmacy.

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You never have to worry about running out of your prescriptions. We got you.

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Compounding Medication

We can customize your medications according to your needs and preferences.

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Medication TherapyManagement

Let us help you manage your medications and achieve hassle-free drug therapy.

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eCare Plans

Get easily accessible pharmacy care for your condition or holistic health needs.

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Durable Medical Equipment

You can shop for medical equipment from our store to supplement your health care.

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We have nonprescription medicines to treat pain, cough, or other health problems.

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View More Services

Discover how we can further assist your family with your health and wellness needs.

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Haslet Pharmacy’s mission is to be an integral part of the community with the commitment to providing the best professional pharmacy services, improving our patients’ health with lower healthcare costs.

About Us  

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Diligence
  • Respect
  • Customer's Satisfaction & Safety
  • Caring Services To Community


Haslet Pharmacy has a vision to be a trusted pharmaceutical care provider committed to bringing positive outcomes to our customers’ health at the lowest cost possible.

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Haslet Pharmacy
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Shana HoogerwerfShana Hoogerwerf
01:04 10 Feb 23
If you’re not going to Haslet Pharmacy, you are missing out! I love them. Seriously. If they ever closed I’d cry.Every single time a prescription is sent over, it’s ready in 15 mins. There is rarely, if ever, a line. The Pharmacist is the nicest person on the planet and remembers your name. When I pull up in the drive thru he says “Hello Mrs Hoogerwerf, I have 2 prescriptions ready for you”Tonight I called because I couldn’t remember if they closed at 6 or 7pm. It was 5:55pm. He said “we close at 6 but I’ll stay open until you get here. Drive safe”Haslet Pharmacy is the exact opposite of CVS. If you’re looking for hometown feels, support this small business! You won’t regret it!
Brandie AlmanzaBrandie Almanza
15:24 23 Nov 22
I have always used big chain pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS but I decided to switch to Haslet Pharmacy since we moved to Haslet and it’s down the street from us. I am SO happy we did! The owner is super helpful and goes above and beyond with any questions I may have. I made my husband switch too and he was super impressed as well! I recommend Haslet pharmacy 100%!
Coyote 5.0Coyote 5.0
04:18 15 Oct 22
The best pharmacy ever. Hands down the best in DFW. I had an older review but couldn’t find it so I’ll leave a new one!There are 0 cons here. All pros.When one is out at the doctor or like me who has to see doctors every month with health issues and have to have scripts done Haslet pharmacy is hands down the best! By the time I leave my doctor only 10 minutes away from the pharmacy they already have it done filled ready to go! Drive through makes it even better.And it’s not even about how great they are at what they do and how fast it’s also about how they treat someone. They are always so polite on the phone in person any time every time! Super nice and friendly and did it mention how nice they are?! Lol and fast! Unlike a Walmart or cvs or really anywhere even with E scripts these days those places are like well it’s gonna be a hour wait and come back in an hour oh wait we another 30 minutes come back we’ll we just need 10 more minutes and by the time your done a hour turned into 3Not this place! They are so fast they need to be careful they could end up effecting space time and Albert Einsteins “Relativity” could start to effect time! And don’t be fooled just cause they are super fast and friendly means they will make a mistake I think not!!! Been going there for years now and never any mistake any delay nothing but great things! And also they are not a pharmacy with a few people and their few scripts no this area is heavily populated and they are still SPEEDY!Comparing them vs cvs down the street in getting things ready is like comparing a Alpha Omega Nissan GTR (1600 wheel horse power) to a 1980s ford pinto lmao you just don’t do that! 🤣 the car people will get this! They are so friendly makes you want to spread more kindness to other people it’s contagious!I’m so happy with these amazing people and team. Keep tapping into breaking the space time continuum!
04:09 18 Sep 22
Haslet Pharmacy is exceptional! Their care is sincere and their service is outstanding! They are trusted to provide information, advice and fill all necessary medication needs. Over the decades CVS, Wal-Mart, Walgreen's and other chain pharmacies have been used - Haslet Pharmacy surpasses them all in every way!
Alexia TuttleAlexia Tuttle
19:10 23 Nov 21
Very impressed with this pharmacy. We moved from out of state and have always used grocery store pharmacies, but I was pleasantly surprised how efficient, personal and professional this business is. The pharmacist was welcoming, knowledgeable and helped me through a couple of transfer issues that usually wouldn't have gone so smooth, so that sealed the deal for me. My husband also had to go here recently and immediately came home raving about how much he liked it and reminded me to give a review!

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